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Loan Device

If you need assistance with accessing equipment, please click the button below for the equipment loan agreement form. Please fill in the information and return to the school office, either through the school email or drop off at the school office.

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Help for Families

A person going through this pandemic may feel "extra pressure". This page is here to help support you through this time and let you know that you are not alone. There are some home learning tips at the bottom of this page.

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Student ICT Help Page

This page is set up to assist students and their families with ICT support. There are videos and PDFs to assist in Google Apps and O365 Apps, along with lots of other resources for other programs.

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Alternative Learning Tasks

Each day during remote learning, classroom teachers will be providing learning tasks through Google Classroom (Prep to Grade 3) and O365 Teams (Grade 4 - 6). However, we understand that for various reasons it isn’t always possible to complete these. Below are learning tasks that don’t require access to the internet or other technology.

Term 4 Week 1 is the last week of remote learning

At this stage all students will return from week beginning Monday October 12.

We will endeavour to keep you updated here on the website and through Compass.

Term 4 Week 1 (5 - 9 October) Specialist Lessons
Grade Prep Reading, Writing, Maths, & Integrated Art Music P.E. Science
Grade 1 Reading, Writing, Maths, & Integrated Art L.O.T.E. Music P.E. Science
Grade 2 Reading, Writing, Maths, & Integrated Art L.O.T.E. Music P.E. Science
Grade 3 Reading, Writing, Maths, & Integrated Art L.O.T.E. Music P.E. Science
Grade 4 Reading, Writing, Maths, & Integrated Art L.O.T.E. Music P.E. Science
Grade 5 Reading, Writing, Maths, & Integrated Art L.O.T.E. Music P.E. Science
Grade 6 Reading, Writing, Maths, & Integrated Art L.O.T.E. Music P.E. Science
Extra Support


Weekly Wellbeing Activity

The Resilience Project have developed a Resilience Project at Home with easy-to-do activities and ideas to bring wellbeing into day-to-day life. We will be posting an activity each Friday that you can choose to do by yourself, or with your family at home.

Make sure you go to our YouTube Channel Wellbeing playlist for some videos of activities you can do at home. Click on the YouTube logo.

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Tune in at 11am weekdays for high-energy episodes with Martin Heppell which look at Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness, Emotional Literacy and Connection.

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Non-Screen Activities

What can you do when there's no school and you're stuck at home? Here are 25 fun ideas to choose from. It is encouraged that if you want to do some real-life learning, such as cooking with your child, or grocery shopping, make sure you use these opportunities to have discussions with your child. Ask them questions and allow them to ask you questions. Find the learning in what you are doing. For example, if you modify the quantities in a recipe, look at the maths. In addition, look at reading and following a procedure.


Online Learning Expectations


Video Conferencing Expectations.

Please click here for some expectations the school has in place to best support the students and the staff for video conferencing.

As students will be set up with either a Google Classroom account (Prep to Grade 3) or an O365 Teams account (Grade 4 to 6) for their learning, CGPS have created the following guidelines.

  • Teachers will be available between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 3:30p.m. and will have a daily timetable set for their class. It is important to develop routine to assist the learning.

  • Students should be using this time (between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 3:30p.m.) for their learning. If a student is found to be accessing the learning outside of these times, especially late at night, their classroom teacher may contact you via email or phone to discuss. It is important that students develop a routine of learning throughout the day when they are fresh as this is when the best learning occurs.

  • We encourage student discussions and all discussions will be monitored by the teacher. The discussions are strictly learning based. Students are asked to reply only to any teacher posting on the chat. This may include questions they’ve asked or any work that they have assigned. Under no circumstance should students create their own chat.

  • Any inappropriate discussions on the chat will be dealt with by the classroom teacher and if the problems persist by the Principals. Inappropriate discussions include, but not limited to:

     o Discussions about the weekend

    o Discussions about connecting on Social Media and through online games

    o Cyberbullying



Here are some links to assist you and your child in their learning. This list will be updated regularly.

A list of websites for extra learning can be fund by clicking here.

Office 365 - then enter your login and password.

Google Classroom - then enter your login and password.

Compass* - then enter your login and password. Please note that Compass is still in the process of being set up. 

Google Translate

Kids YouTube

WatchKIN. Watch YouTube videos without distractions in a family-friendly environment.