Arts Program

What are the main purposes of the program?

It is important to give children the opportunity/setting where they can express themselves artistically – whether it is through singing, playing an instrument, performing in front of an audience, painting a picture, constructing a model, experimenting with and exploring a new medium or analysing and forming an opinion about the art works they see. In The Arts students are encouraged to engage in activities on many levels including creating art works which can be presented to an audience. Students also develop confidence and many social skills which assist them in their interaction with their peers. The Arts are used every day in a student’s school life - in the presentation of their work, in their social interaction with others, in the expression of themselves as individuals and in their reflections on the world around them. Many children gain a real sense of achievement and success in other areas of the curriculum because of the skills they have learnt in their Arts sessions. So the main purpose of The Arts is to promote all these attributes and ‘round out and consolidate’ a child’s learning.