Click here to download the official policy on CGPS enrolment areas.

Where do you need to live to attend CGPS?

Due to the rapid population growth within the City of Casey, Courtenay Gardens Primary School has a strict enrolment policy with a DET approved enrolment zone around it from which students may attend.

If you live within the zone – Your child/children will be guaranteed a placement at Courtenay Gardens school. An interview will need to be scheduled by contacting the office and enrolment forms filled out.

If you live outside the zone – please refer to this policy.

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Enrolment Info

If you have a child who will be starting school in the following year, enrolments are taken from mid-March onwards each year. Students who are going to join us from another school need to contact us on (03) 5995 7139 to make arrangements for an interview and to transfer documents from their previous school.

What are the requirements to enrol my child?

  • Original birth certificate
  • Original immunisation Certificate
  • Passport (if born overseas)
  • Proof of residence (2 of any of the following must be presented before an interview can be arranged: rates notice, bills, bank statements, rental agreement, building contracts or contract of sale.)

What is the 'School Entry Immunisation Certificate' and why is it required?

This is a certificate, issued either by the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register or your local council health department, which shows that:

  • your child has been immunised against measles, mumps, diptheria, tetanus and polio, or
  • there is good reason why your child has not been immunised.

Please note: if the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register certificate does NOT contain the statement "This child has received all vaccine required by 5 years of age", please contact your local council immunisation service to receive further information with regard to immunisations or to obtain a council issued school entry immunisation certificate.