CGPS Policies

CGPS Policies and Plans

Many policies/guidelines are dictated from the Department of Education & Training. Their website is

Absenteeism Policy
Anaphylaxis Policy
Asthma Policy
Bike Education Policy
Bullying - Children
Bullying - Workplace Policy
Child Protection Policy (Updated Oct 2018)
Child Safety Standards (Updated Oct 2018)
Code of Conduct
Communication With Staff
Covid19 Return to School
Disabilities & Impairments
Electronic Recording Policy
Equal Opportunity
Enrolment Area Policy (Will be updated soon)
Excursion Policy
First Aid Policy
Head Lice Policy
Incursion Policy
Internet and email
Investment Policy
Mobile Phones Policy
OH & S Policy
Parent Complaints Policy
Parental Payments and Contributions
Privacy Collection
Privacy Policy (Department of Education)
Procurement Policy
School Council Elections
School Philosophy
Student Dress & Personal Appearance Policy
Sunsmart Policy
Volunteers Policy
Yard Supervision Policy
Yard Supervision Parent Notice
Microsoft Office 365 Parent Info