CGPS Policies

CGPS Policies and Plans

Many policies/guidelines are dictated from the Department of Education & Training. Their website is

Absenteeism Policy
Anaphylaxis Policy
Asthma Policy
Bike Education Policy
Bullying - Children
Child Protection Policy
Child Saftey Standards
Code of Conduct
Bullying - Workplace Policy
Disabilities & Impairments
Electronic Recording Policy
Equal Opportunity
Enrolment Area Policy 2016
Excursion Policy
First Aid Policy
Head Lice Policy
Incursion Policy
Internet and email
Investment Policy
Mobile Phones Policy
OH & S Policy
Parent Complaints Policy
Parental Complaints Guidelines
Parental Payments and Contributions
School Council Elections
School Philosophy
Student Dress & Personal Appearance Policy
Sunsmart Policy
Volunteers Policy
Yard Supervision Policy